Love Notes

So this? Is not merely a product review. This, is a love note. This could be the beginning of a beautiful thing…namely, introducing you to the things I adore. This would usually seem a little bit melodramatic, but this product is nothing new to me. I’ve had this little bottle of sunshine since last year, have used it religiously and loved it. And then it slowly worked it’s way back into the depths of my cabinet, only to be pulled out again when my skin refused to behave last week. As with most good things, you forget just how good they are until you’re reunited. And then it’s magical. Okay, enough with the romanticism.

This is your first question:

“You want me to put OIL, on my FACE?!”

I know, I know. Maybe you’re all enlightened and this doesn’t faze you at all. If so, awesome! Otherwise, lets break it down.

Oils, are amazing for your skin, for every skin type. Yes, even oily – especially oily. You see, the difference is that when the oil your skin naturally produces rears it’s ugly head, its also prone to oxidization, which causes blackheads, and all sorts of nasty pore clogging, my face is so shiny you could light a room with it woes. When you put pure essential oils on your skin (that are made for facial application) they trick your skin into producing less of it’s own natural oils, and voila, normal skin.

So what this really means for you, is that all those unfortunate little oil bumps, ‘combination’ skin, acne, and in my experience, just general skin discomfort can be solved by using an oil treatment for your face. These lovely Clarins ones are my favorite because they come in different formulations for every skin type, so you pick your bottle and you’re on your way. They also happen to smell like a miniature spa day for your face.

Try one and tell me what you think!


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