Lessons Learned From A Dodge 2500

I came across an old notebook the other day, filled with my short writing responses for a creative writing class I had taken in high school and found this little gem that still made me smile. It pulled me right back to when I wrote it, and makes me realize that that memory still means more to me than I would expect so many years later.

“People are too busy to look around them and see the beauty of the world”

True. It’s nice to know that it’s not just me who thinks about stuff like that. Some days I’ll walk home without my music, so I can look around and not zone out. I love traveling just so I can see new places and new beauty. My favorite thing to do is to go driving with my best friend down the backroads by his house. When it’s just music in the background I can just soak up the scenery – the fields, autumn leaves, while we point out particularly nice/pretty farms and properties. I always wish I remembered my camera just for the view out the side mirror, ’cause I get enthralled by the road stretching out behind us, and the trees reaching out over the asphalt, while the leaves dance out behind the truck. Maybe I’m over romanticizing it, but i think it’s the prettiest most relaxing view in the world.

Yes, Alex, you were over romanticizing. But we’ll be forgiving today. It got me thinking about boys and their trucks, even after we shouldn’t really call them boys anymore. Right. You’re either going to get what I mean, or you won’t, and that’s fine. There are things about afternoons like that though, that I realize I’ve still held on to all this time, and I can’t say I’m sorry for it. There’s something missing these days, in all of our rushing around, headphones in, eyes straight ahead, minds constantly moving onto the next task, that we’ve lost since those days when finally getting your license and your own (or your parent’s) vehicle were enough to make you feel like you were free. (I speak strictly from the passenger seat here, to this day) It’s always felt like, with every guy I’ve known who loves his truck like his other half, they don’t seem to have forgotten that same, invincible, careless feeling. I just don’t think it works the same way with a minivan, or a sedan.

Maybe its just because you like sitting up higher than everyone else?

Well, there is that.
It’s that feeling that I don’t want to lose though, of absolute certainty and comfort in where I’m going, even if I don’t quite know where that may be yet. Secondly, just like that view out the side mirror, it’s okay to revel in where you’ve come from, and accept that it’s made you who you are, for better and for worse, but just as quick as you lived it, it’ll be past and long gone, just like those leaves trailing out from behind us. (Disregard the black smoke…we never said we were eco-conscious back then) You’ve got to live it up in the moment, and don’t forget the view, with whomever is speeding along with you because tomorrow, it’ll be nothing but another set of taillights while you get ready for the next adventure.

Your partner in crime,


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