Love Note no.2

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant

There are so many things that I really like, but only so many I can fit on my face. If I could use a different product mix every night I would, though it would do nothing except wreak havoc on my skin.

Working in the beauty industry is both a blessing and a curse as you’ll know if you do, and can imagine if you don’t. Being a student on the other hand, has kept me from developing too strong a loyalty to any one product as many are out of my price range to buy regularly. I don’t want to make this into a “beauty on a budget” blog, but I believe in getting quality for what you do spend, so I’ll bring you my cult favorites, tried and tested.

This week, I’d like to take credit for bringing you Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Skin Protectant, but much to my pleasure, this gem has been showing up in several major magazines lately, like on Real Simple’s “18 Classic Beauty Products You’ll Use Forever”.

The story as I was told it, was that after a barn fire had injured her beloved thoroughbreds, Arden had her scientists come up with a salve to heal their burned legs, and so 8 Hour Cream was born. I like this story better than the one that Real Simple cites, but unfortunately, I can’t back it up, so we’ll treat it like a well-loved legend, and legend, is truly what this product is, for good reason.

If you have any type of cut, scratch, bruise, chapping, or mild irritation, a little dab will do ya. Overnight, (it isn’t called 8 hour cream for nothing) all your woes will disappear. My favorite thing to do with it I’ll admit, is smear it all over my nose and lips in the midst of a raging cold, and wake up the next morning looking as if I’d never had a run in with a scratchy stuffy nose and tissues. I apologize for the visual, but you catch my drift! Also, if you can get over the smell, it makes a great lip treatment while you sleep – much better than it’s actual lipstick version. I can’t claim anything in regards to the benefits of this cream for your face, as I’ve been too wary of it’s consistency to put it on my cheeks, but if you’ve been braver than me, fill me in in the comments!



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