I Wear My Apron At Night

Orange Nectarine Chicken

One probably shouldn’t paraphrase a song that they don’t know all the words to, and in doing so, fail to capture that same hip feeling from the particular rhythm made by the syllable count of the word “sunglasses”

Well, I almost sounded like I knew what I was talking about.

Haha, sorry guys. So this is my second attempt at making this delicious, as yet unnamed dish. But doesn’t it look lovely? By attempt, I don’t mean the first one failed, but as the pantry dwindles, we go from rice noodles, to rice. In the apparent fashion of other women in my family, I seem to hit my stride right around 10pm, and in order to avoid spending loathed time in front of the stove after working ungodly retail hours, I like to do my weekly cooking all in one day. I don’t know if this will become a regular posting, but since this is my first year living and cooking on my own, if I manage to impress myself with anything more daring then a new flavor of omelette, I may have to share.

I’m not sure a recipe is required here, but let me tell you, when peaches meet poultry, it’s love. These are actually nectarines, but what fruit isn’t good stir fried? Toss in some red peppers, lightly steamed kale, and some extensively long, oven roasted chicken thigh with orange juice (thanks Mum!) to toss on top of your choice of carbs, and voila! Just try and keep your lunch mate’s fork away from it.

Sweet fried dreams,


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