Choose Your Own Adventure

You know how these work, keep reading for the maybe not so secret ending.

Sunday morning, that elusive time when you don’t set your alarm, and as the sun starts to peek through the window, you snuggle deeper into your duvet to pretend for an extra hour that time has stopped and you have NOTHING TO DO. Then the cat meows, the neighbor’s door slams,and your tummy starts to rumble.

What to do?!

If this is you, skip to the end.

If it would take a crane and a deadly strong cup of coffee to get you out of bed on a Sunday morning, read on.

Saturday night, crawling up the stairs to your apartment in killer heels that seemed like a good idea 4 hours before, and just before collapsing into bed at what is actually 4am Sunday morning you see your glitter and mascara streaked face in the mirror and you’re faced with a choice:

If you choose to continue the fall into your nice, soft, clean-sheeted bed we can’t be friends. Sorry.

If you dread the idea of stumbling to the bathroom to scrub the makeup off your face, then to the end!

Oh hey. I have to say, you’ve chosen pretty wisely. By now, I’m sure you’ve caught on to the significance of the photo link above. Or…you’re NOT reading this because you’ve gone to read another blog where the writer doesn’t tell cheesy stories in order to hype up skincare that she just cannot live without in her cupboard. It’s my in case of emergency, I really don’t feel like washing my face because it’s already 4 in the afternoon and I’ve been doing laundry all day…not sleeping…I swear… product.

To the point:

Busy career girls, party girls, you want me to use how many products on my face? girls, meet your new best friend. For Dry Skin, and my favorite Combination to Oily skin, Clarins One Step Cleanser has got you covered. Open bottle, pour on cotton pad, swipe. That’s it. Moisturize.

Gentle enough to make you want to wash your face in the morning, just strong enough to remove the gunk and natural oils that travel from your pillow. To clarify from the story above, it won’t take off all of your makeup, but enough of it to save you from breaking out the next morning and leaving mascara streaks on your pillowcase.

Give it a try, tell what you think, and when you do:

Oh yes, I know, I love the Peach smell of the Dry Skin one too.

Happy Wednesday!


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