Awkward And Awesome Thursday

Awkward? Yes.

So I’ve decided to jump on the “Awkward And Awesome” bandwagon after following the lovely Sydney of The Daybook. Check her out, I dare you to read it and not get hooked!

This is actually compiled of two weeks…so don’t cringe too much that my week was THIS awkward.


1. Having the sudden (unfulfillable) urge to run my shopping cart into the back of my cashier nemesis’s knees at the grocery store. She walks as slow as she scans.

2. Dropping my Blackberry in the sink. They’re not swimmers folks.

3. Realizing how long I had waited to start posting again. I have no real excuses.

4. Watching an entire season in one day of Sex and the City. I’d say this is summer, but I’d be lying if I pretended I wouldn’t do this all the time!

5. Giving a very important class presentation in front of a panel of professionals, and almost falling over. No, I didn’t trip. It was more of a tilt. Sigh.

6. Every time I see a Greyhound bus go by, I wish I were on it. 7 days.

7. The amount of time I spend talking about makeup and not blogging about it.


1. Finding Empire apples back at the grocery store, after thinking I’d have to wait till next season. Nothing else tastes as sweet.

2. Spending an entire weekend doing absolutely nothing but sunning on the deck flipping through old magazines

3. Homemade Ice Tea Thanks Amanda!

4. THIS color on my newly suntanned toes.

5. Homemade apple dumplings in the church basement on market day.

6. Achieving the perfect homemade chai latte. I may have to share with you, it’s pretty fab if I do say so myself

7. Not having an anxiety attack at Dundas Square where our class was conducting a social experiment to see how many people we could get to stop and draw us. #1 excuse was that they couldn’t draw. Sir, have you seen the pile we’ve collected so far?

And that, is that!
I’d love to read yours if you have any so drop a link in the comments!


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