Here Comes The Sun

And I say, It’s alright, it’s alright. Well, that’s not exactly what popular opinion would have you believe lately, but who are we to deny the number one pleasure of a summer day? A cool breeze, beach worthy temperatures, and the sun on our maybe not so starved by July faces.

So tell me, whats the one thing harder to come by then a truly bikini ready bod, or brand new gladiator sandals that don’t give you blisters? Well unless you want to end up the same color and texture as those leather sandals by thirty…sunscreen! Facial sunscreen to be exact.

I know, I know. But I have a tinted moisturizer! My foundation has SPF you say. Well unless you have some un natural tendency to NOT touch your face for 14  hours, that SPF foundation is coming right off on the back of your hand.

It has also been said, that SPF is something we shouldn’t actually BE applying as our skin is a natural sponge, blah blah blah. I can’t argue that, but I can argue that I can’t jump on that bandwagon if I intend to indulge in a greasy cheese covered hamburger now and then either, which is probably just as cruel to my body.

So we take what we have available to us, slather it on, and hope for the best, and a few less wrinkles and sun spots in the next ten years.  The only problem is that the majority of the facial sunscreens on the market actually feel somewhat similar to what I imagine the experience would be of slathering a greasy burger all over your face. I didn’t plan that comparison…some things just come together.

Readers, meet Aveeno. Aveeno, readers. This little guy had me on an extensive mission to get a hold of him after last season’s contentment of finding a sunscreen that I could layer over my laundry list of serums I tend to apply, and a daily moisturizer lacking an SPF that I am loath to give up. So when my local, albeit slow to stock drugstore got him in, into my basket he went. Yes, I just said drugstore. This will be, the ONLY time you will see a product from such a place grace my blog. So take advantage fellow small budgeted students – this one’s quality.

I’ve always been an Aveeno fan, and as they keep adding to their portfolio of skin care I haven’t been disappointed by the results I’ve witnessed(on other people). Lets cut to the chase:

It’s gentle, and generally non-offensive to the skin (as are most of their products).
Its so, so light.
It’s 83 mL size will probably last you all summer
It comes in SPF 30, and now 50. Though I’d like to point out that that’s only about 2% more protection…so I’ll do my part and choose the lower strength one to make me feel better about applying it to my, skin. That’s my logic. Feel free to call it flawed.
Its water-resistant, so in this city’s heat, it’s not going anywhere!
And most importantly, does not leave you with ghost face.

Enjoy the sunshine, and don’t forget a cute hat!
I’m kind of obsessed with this one, though I wish it came in a straw color with a navy ribbon.



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