Because Tomorrow, Is Another Day

Before there was Audrey, there was Scarlett. I realize that’s not entirely accurate if one were to look up the chronological details, but I like to pretend in my mind that the fact that Scarlett O’Hara was theoretically born before Audrey, makes this true.

In my observations, feel free to correct me, we ladies tend to lean toward either the Audrey side of things, with her wayfarers and pearls, or the Marilyn side with her red lipstick and heart empowering quotations.

But what about Scarlett?

Yes, I’m aware she’s not real, but didn’t those two respective ladies basically embody their characters and vice versa anyways? It broke my heart that while researching for a class exercise about “People We Think Are Awesome” (It was quite the course) searching for a Scarlett O’Hara character synopsis got me page upon page of blistering articles about how shallow, backstabbing and manipulative she is.

She is. But that’s not the point.

She may have started out that way, but doesn’t it show the true strength of character she possessed, pun intended, that she didn’t quite stay that way? I say not quite because there are several arguments you can throw at me about her man-stealing habits, but I’m biased so we’ll gloss over that.

Many things have been said about her, more negative than positive but this is why I think Scarlett O’Hara is fabulous.

  1. She’s real. She’s brittle, vulnerable, tough and fierce, all at the same time
  2. She’s oblivious to what’s standing right in front of her until it’s too late. And haven’t we all been guilty of doing that at least once? Sometimes you value something more if you have to fight for it later. I’ve always believed she got Rhett back
  3. She’s sharp, and she understands people – you’d have to be, to be as successfully manipulative as she is, though I hope we’d all use that skill to a higher purpose
  4. There was never a barrier that didn’t have a way around it, and she never stopped till she found it. There’s no waiting around for circumstances to change, or help to come
  5. Pride keeps her from becoming too low brow, or too transparent in her schemes. Sometimes you’ve got to hold your head up and fake it till you make it
  6. She’s single minded. Maybe that’s good and bad, but sometimes you just need to stop thinking, step back, and focus on what’s important right now

This always pops into my head when I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed:

“I can’t think about it now, i’l go crazy if i do. I’ll think about it tomorrow…after all, tomorrow, is another day.”

I know personally, that no matter how many strands of pearls I put on, or how much red lipstick I wear, I’ll always return to the question “What would Scarlett do?” She’d raise her eyebrow, square her shoulders, and get right back up again.


3 thoughts on “Because Tomorrow, Is Another Day

  1. Oh thanks :) And I did love your music memory post, I just feel like mine would be FAR too heavy on country, and several similar memories haha!

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