Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So once again, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted, these Awkward and Awesome things seem to get me back into the swing of things though, so perhaps it will be another inspiration filled week! Here we go:


1. The TWO separate people in the same mall, on the same day, wearing their skirts inside out. It was actually a little bit awesome too. Is this a new trend I missed?

2. I’ve officially started regularly listening to my parents music. Remember when everything they did was supposed to be uncool? And fudgesicles counted as a meal? Oh those were the days. Well…the fudgesicle one may have occurred last week…it WAS 40 degrees out!

3. More like AWFUL: the person responsible for busting ALL FOUR of our buildings washing machines…the day I ran out of clothes. Thanks yo.


1. I know you’ve always wanted to know: THAT is what 4lbs of strawberries looks like. What people who buy 4lbs of strawberries do with them? I haven’t the faintest idea. But mine are getting eaten, just like that. Accompanied by the homemade green iced tea next to it.

2. The massive fruit haul I dragged home from the grocery store yesterday including those above and proceeded to wash, slice, and eat a whole bowl full while watching Gossip Girl reruns. Sigh.

3. On a non food note: I heard church bells ringing out my window for the FIRST time since moving to the city. I miss that from home, and it made the morning feel extra lovely.

4. Waking up to the most fabulous rainstorm this morning, forcing a cool breeze into our sweltering apartment

5. It’s almost back to school! I’m more excited then I’ve ever been, maybe because last year kicked my a**, and now it’s payback time : )

I love how heavy on Awesomes these two weeks have been, hopefully yours were too, so jump on this bandwagon, I love reading other peoples lists!


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