Take It Off

Both half empty? Clearly a tie.

I must confess, there is nothing more satisfying than taking it all off…and watching the remnants of foundation and city dirt swirl down the drain with your cleanser. Ha. Gotcha didn’t I? I won’t fool myself. I should know by now I’m only funny when I’m not trying to be.

So, to the point. I never think I have to say certain things out loud such as:

No, you don’t need a separate makeup remover before your cleanser

I’ve certainly learned to never assume anything! Your cleanser should take off your makeup. All of it. If you’re lucky to have fairly non sensitive eyes, I’d even venture to claim it should take off all of your eye makeup as well, including mascara. Please exercise the obvious caution needed when dealing with your eyes, and of course RINSE IMMEDIATELY should you feel any discomfort.

Ultimately though, I would love, for you to love one (or both!) of these gorgeous oil cleansers. Basically, products find a home in my cabinet when I end up reaching for them almost every day, and genuinely enjoy applying them. If they don’t, they’re given away as I’d rather have someone else enjoy them as opposed to me just trying to “use them up”. These two cleansers have lots in common, but are in my collection for their own unique reasons:

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier
This one migrated from a friend’s cabinet to mine, as she too seems to follow my sharing rules. Thin and light, this leaves a slight residue after transforming into a milk, but more in a “moisture veil” way, then an uncomfortable “I need to wash my face again!” situation. It leaves your skin feeling soft, and balanced so it’s great for those nights when you just want to scrape off all your makeup and fall into bed. Yes, it happens sometimes. This takes off all of my non waterproof mascara too.

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel
My first foray into the world of oil cleansers, I always recommend this to beginners. It leaves absolutely NO residue, as it goes on as a gel, for optimal spreading, warms into an oil which traps any impurities and or makeup sitting on your skin, and rinses into a milk to carry everything down the drain and leave you with soft, balanced skin. Its your own personal spa in a tube, and preps your skin beautifully to apply all your potions and moisturizers afterward without feeling too heavy.

Common between both, is that they are safe for generally any skin type, effectively take off makeup better than any foaming cleanser I’ve tried, and hold similar balancing benefits to an oil treatment.

Hopefully this wasn’t too concise (Is there such a thing?) But if you have any further questions, as always, drop a comment or click the links and happy cleansing!


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