Love Note no.3

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

If I had money to burn, I would buy enough of this serum to fill a bathtub. So please Estee Lauder, spare my bank account and launch a body version of this product. I’m not the only one who would leave skid marks on the beauty department floor to get my hands on such a thing.

In the meantime, you’ve surely noticed the lack of witty post title bringing us back to that list of most loved products that I only think I can live without until I run out. Thankfully, Christmas time heralds a 100mL limited size, and i’m set for the year.

Oh…cosmetics Christmases. Thats a post unto itself, full of goosebumps, wrapping paper and sparkling rows of trees gracing the aisles. Sorry. Back on topic.

Would you like plump, velvety feeling skin? Would you like to go to bed with tired, dull, vaguely irritated skin and wake up glowing? Then you roll over, accidentally touch your face and wonder how you ever forgot to apply this serum before bed? Of course you do.

This serum has done many things for my skin, some of which are advertised, and some of which mysteriously happened on their own. I’ve been using this little bottle of goodness since I was 15. If I ever get a wrinkle now, I’m suing. Kidding. Throughout this time, ANR has soothed the pains of adolescent acne, smoothed roughness, and dare I say, plumped my skin. That seems even now, like a strange thing for a twenty something to say, and probably slightly irritating for anybody with real loss of firmness issues. I apologize. However, some things you don’t appreciate until you experience them. The best, and oddest way to describe how your cheeks will feel after using this serum, is this:

You know how the cool side of the pillow feels? A brand new, still springy pillow encased in a worn in, soft cotton case? Thats your face. If you just fell off your chair with laughter, you’re welcome. If you’re a skincare junkie and you haven’t tried this – try it.

Scientifically,  Advanced Night Repair is meant to, simply put, speed up the natural turnover process of your skin cells. The result? Reduced fine lines, improved skin tone and texture, and increased moisture retention.

An old trick to demonstrate how this works, involves a spray bottle, your two hands and of course, a few drops of ANR.

On the back of your first hand, spray the water. Notice how the water beads up and rolls off? Pretty normal.

On the back of your other hand, apply the serum. Now spray the water on top of it. It doesn’t move. It sits on top of the serum similar to how the silica powder packets in a shoe box react to moisture. On your skin, this means it holds your moisturizer to the surface for maximum absorption. With no residue. Hello lover.

Try it, love it, let me know what miraculous unadvertised things it does for your skin. I wouldn’t be surprised.


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