Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Go directly to blemish-land, do not pass go, do not collect 200 compliments on your flawless skin ’cause honey you’re in trouble now!

So now what?

Now you need to get Out Of Trouble.

Luckily for you and I, you can actually visit the cosmetics department and quite literally ‘get’ out of trouble. Its on the problem solvers shelf next to the charcoal masks, at the Origins counter. Got it? Now get it!

This little tube of butt kicking sulfur, camphor, zinc oxide and a little bit of salicylic acid is going to become your first line of defense when you feel that telltale sore/red spot on your face signaling the eruption (that’s such an unpleasant word) of a blemish. Pimple. Zit.

The beauty of the Out of Trouble mask is that it works before and after breakouts. When you feel one coming on, spread this over the area on clean skin, leave for 10 minutes and sleep easy that you will most likely wake up with problem free skin. I say most likely because depending on the stage of your breakout, you might need an extra application the next night to make sure it stays down and disappears.

If you’ve already broken out, this is where the ‘use as needed’ instructions come in. In my experience, 10 minutes a night, for three nights did the trick, it could be more or less for you. You can also use it as a spot treatment if you have sparse, yet still offensive pimples.

Three nights? What about instant results?

Here’s the thing. You can try this, or you can try the best 1.5% + salicylic acid spot remover you can find, but if you have even slightly sensitive or dry skin or are only prone to acne during that time of the month it will easily dry you up, irritate your skin and cause flaking. In the time it takes to pack your lunch and brush your teeth you could smear some of this mask on, and gently remove blemishes, while preventing following breakouts and gently smoothing your skin. Think of it as a sneakier escape route to the full on acne attack session we’ve all had in front of our 10X magnified mirrors.

You should know that I was saving this product for a Love Note since I always stock up before I’m even close to running out, but I used it tonight and felt so excited again that I had to share.



3 thoughts on “Get Out Of Jail Free Card

  1. I’ve always wanted to try Origins products. Our Origins counter got replaced by Enro Lazslo. I did try a brightening moisturizer that I found at CCO but it made me look like casper! I had so many people asked me if I was alright or if I was about to pass out because my face looked so pale! Haha not good!

  2. Oh no! You have dry skin don’t you? (If thats creepy, I don’t follow that many blogs hahaha) You should try the Make A Difference cream if you ever find a counter (or the website) – they have free standing stores in the US too, I’m very jealous :)

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