Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Several weeks later I’m back, in the typical fashion of starting with another Awkward and Awesome! I’d like to point out that the photo on the left is not in fact, a stock photo, but a prime example of my photography skills that much like my comedic abilities, only appear by accident. Read on!


1. Having the brilliant idea to put the frozen bag of kale on top of the oven while the chicken baked just for a moment to defrost it enough to steam. Just for a moment, becoming a full hour later in which the kale had steamed itself, and now smelled like plastic bag. Fail.

2. Dear Banana Republic. It is NOT okay to advertise pricing at ‘all under $200’ and still charge $160 for your fabulous gray cigarette pants. Sincerely, Heartbroken.

3. The mini-socialite letting her dog sit on the cosmetics counter while it snuffled at and potentially licked the testers. This is why you ask us to disinfect things before you apply them! Though at that point even a makeup cleaner (that happens to be capable of taking off nail polish) wouldn’t make me feel less gross.


1. Taking the freight elevator in our building should not be cool. But old quirky (I use that term loosely) buildings fascinate me, and while being dropped off to the laundry room via the basement by our character of a maintenance man George, where old french doors and other goodies are rumored to be stored was delightful. As was looking over my shoulder and instead of seeing brick, seeing INTO a closed off, un-renovated apartment. Awesomeness. I was already missing this building, while we hunted for a new place to live. It deserves it’s own sitcom. Or blog. Hmmm.

2. The above picture. Not just because I’m that proud of it haha. This is what has been keeping me away from any new blog posts for the past two weeks. Shame on me, but home is home. I’ve definitely developed a soft spot for it now that I’ve moved away.

3. My soon to be photographed attempt at Cupcakes and Cashmere’s Mermaid Nails since I just happen to have a stash of glitter that has unknowingly been waiting for this very occasion.


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