The Real Beauty Myths

Blue eyeshadow is no longer a no-no. Unless you're Mimi.

We all know the typical beauty myths – shaving makes hair grow back thicker, we ingest 4lbs of lipstick a year…but have you ever considered the ‘tried and true’ advice we’re fed by magazines that haven’t been busted yet? In some cases it can be as innocent as trying to make an application method simple and universal, something outdated and taught by our grandmothers, or just lack of common sense. I’ve collected the most common myths that I have come across and corrected in my time behind the counter that will save you money, time, and frustration. Enjoy!

1.Don’t use a sponge for liquid foundation unless you want your bottle to last half as long. Brush brush brush! Or use your fingers.

2.Blush does not belong on the “apples of your cheeks”. The person responsible for this little bit of wisdom is the reason that many women are terrified of blushes named anything besides “soft pink”. You don’t naturally blush on the apples of your cheeks, so why tint them pink?

Apply on the top of your cheekbone not past the midpoint of your iris, and blend back into your hairline. Use the left overs on the brush to gently sweep across your forehead, nose and chin for a subtle healthy glow. Do I need to post a diagram? I’m willing! :)

3.The most flattering brow shape already grew out of your face – not a store bought template. Just clean ’em up and love them the way they came.

4.Shimmer eyeshadow hasn’t been a faux pas over 50 since the 90s. Unless you spend under $5, most shadows have a safe pearlescent shimmer to them that won’t settle into creases. Why rob yourself of the pleasure of a bright eye?

5. Non-comedogenic does not have to be oil free. Often it can be anything from ingredients, fillers, inappropriate textures for your skin type, or bad cleansing habits that clog your pores. Not the cream on the shelf that lacks an ‘oil free label’. Be open minded!

6. 98% of the time you don’t need to change your foundation color for summertime. Unless you intend to spend two weeks baking on a beach in the tropics, please take me with you in which case you should probably stock up on anti aging cream instead. You don’t naturally tan to the same intensity all over your face, so all you really need is a good bronzer to build up where the sun would naturally hit. Voila!

7. I know, I know. You’re just browsing. Then why are you intently scrutinizing the back of the box? Lately I’ve begun to doubt that the people who write the descriptions on packaging actually know anything about it besides a blurb they’ve been sent to make it sound pretty. Yes, you DO need help. Otherwise, 90% of the time, I will be putting your box back on the shelf at the register and getting you what you DO need. Just ask. :)

Additions or questions? Comment of course!


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