Lipstick Prints

Lives Affected By Cancer Magazine 2011

One shade at a time, we make a difference. Years and years ago I wrote a short presentation for a high school philosophy class on beauty and aesthetics, and had to bring in an object with which to represent it. Simple: Red lipstick.

Unlike my last foray into high-school writing attempts, I unfortunately don’t have the original though it’s been on my mind quite a bit lately.

What I didn’t know then, despite talking about how the right shade of lipstick can make you hold your head a little higher, is how life changing this industry can truly be. By now you’ve all realized how much I love my job, my customers, and basically every product I’ve shared and more. Through the years I’ve come to understand that cosmetics and skincare go far beyond retail and sales, and judging by the fact that the Canadian woman apparently spends $600 dollars a year on cosmetics, that woman understands too.

Also, $600? I highly doubt we spend less on makeup than some people do on lattes, but thats not my statistic.

I’ve seen a lipstick turn someones day around, a foundation lift confidence, and skincare make someone smile. We all notice our own imperfections more acutely then anyone else ever will – it’s human nature. So imagine how happy you can make someone by making even one of those perceived imperfections lessen, or disappear.

I’ve been privileged for the past two years, to be a volunteer for the Look Good Feel Better Foundation. If you don’t know, LGFB provides free beauty workshops to women affected by cancer, and are supported by the CCFTA who provide complimentary kits of skincare, body care and makeup to get you through your treatment. The photo above was published in a recent edition of Cosmetics magazine, and I think it beautifully states what we really do in our workshops. We deal in everything non-medical: wig care, hygienic practices while receiving treatment, and the best part- makeup lessons to bring back some sparkle, and inevitably a lot of laughter, to a lot of ladies.

What we do, what we all do, whether for a charity like this, or in our daily jobs, is provide an escape for every woman. Through the years, I’ve worn many more hats than just that of a Beauty Advisor. I’ve been a confidant, a teacher, a friend, and even simply an honest source of information and advice, all positions I’m very proud to have provided for someone at some point. Beauty, inside and outside has the unequivocal power to leave a lasting print – so why don’t we all get in on it?

Share a makeup tip, volunteer, or just simply toss out a lipstick adorned smile to the next person you see.

Love always,


One thought on “Lipstick Prints

  1. Your article really inspires me.
    I can truly identify with how make up makes me hold my head a little higher. What’s also important is that we encourage women to realise that self confidence is crucial and its only when we are all comfortable with ourselves that people can see the beauty from within us.

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