It’s Not You, It’s Me.

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Doesn’t she look a little indignant? Horrified? I can’t believe you sold me this it’s not working how could you I hate it? Could this be you? Who hasn’t morphed from a pleasant, rational human being into someone who indulges in secret single behavior a la Charlotte York. If you too spend and hour in front of your magnified mirror checking your pores and wondering why they’re STILL not shrinking* – repeat after me to your skincare: It’s not you, it’s me.

1. Have you used the product for at least 21 days?

Your skin cells need at least at 21 day cycle to regenerate. Prior to the 21 days, your new cream is still dealing with the old effects of whatever you were or weren’t using. So cut the poor product some slack, stick to it, and watch your skin slowly adjust to it as you reap the benefits.

2. Do the other products in your regime compliment the product?

If I had a nickel for every person who’s told me that their moisturizer doesn’t work, and proceeded to tell me that they want something heavier because “after I wash my face, my skin is so tight I have to slather on my cream and it’s not working!” I could retire. Thanks guys. But I don’t, and I won’t because I need to tell you the truth. Your cleanser sucks. You shouldn’t need to overcompensate with any of your regime, because it should ALL be keeping your skin balanced and comfortable.

3. Is the product appropriate for you?

Did you purchase an anti-aging cream to prevent lines? Then it won’t do anything because there’s nothing to repair! Did you buy it because your friend suggested it? Know your concerns, and don’t let anybody else, including cosmeticians, voluntarily point out what you  need to ‘fix’ on your face if you hadn’t already noticed it yourself.

4. Do you exfoliate? Do you wash your face?

Not kidding. And no, hand soap doesn’t count. Nor does your Dove bath bar. How can you expect the product to penetrate your skin if there’s a layer of ‘soap scum’, or dead skin cells blocking it? Prep your skin appropriately.

Of course you could be doing everything right, and the product just isn’t for you. But please consider these before you start frantically searching for your receipt, or tossing that jar in the trash. Or at least keep in mind, that sharing is caring and I bet you have someone you could send the product along to that might like it better. Like me. Just kidding!

…I’ll be checking my mailbox daily,

*By the way, you can’t actually shrink your pores unless you partake in cosmetic surgery. Sorry! Most products just fill them in.


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