Awkward And Awesome Thursday

NOT what my pancakes looked like.

So, I’m a big fat liar. This is purely an Awkward Thursday. I apologize. I’ve always thought that these posts need to be tempered with an awesome section to make them less sad, but the more things I tried to type that were awesome, the more feeble they seemed. October has been the month of awkward.

November be kind, and enjoy this sampling of things you don’t want to happen to you :)


Remember how I never lose anything? Well, I also never get scatterbrained. I don’t know if this is what they call a hot mess, but in the past week the things I’ve gotten myself into are downright embarrassing mostly because they’ve all been witnessed.

1. I purchased a wireless printer, imagining myself and Nina leisurely sending our assignments to a shared printer. Nobody ever told me that the printer does work like a router. So my internet stick rendered the entire endeavor useless. Apparently this was not news to anybody else. Thank goodness for USB cords.

2. 8:15 Wednesday morning, meeting with Environmental Design Prof:

EDP: So, what program are you taking?

Alex: Environmental Design

EDP: …I meant for the training you have to leave early for today

Alex: …Oh dear. *mumbles something about it being too early* …It’s a cosmetic school…product knowledge and whatnot…it’s what I do part time. Insert second awkward pause at obvious statement.


3. Today, I picked up a frozen pizza on the way home after work. I pulled it out of the box, threw it on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven. Where 30 minutes later it had baked itself to the cardboard. Sigh.

4. My kitchen is cursed…it’s very likely to be rebelling from lack of use. Bread will not stay fresh, the fridge ices over no matter what I do, the oven is so overly hot, that you must cut the bake time of everything …in half. And as of this morning’s pancakes, my cast iron pan and I are in an out and out war. Call it a lovers quarrel. I really couldn’t live without it.

Alright, that’s quite enough. All of the other things that I know also happened, I can’t remember anymore and that’s hopefully how it will stay!

I’m promising myself that I’ll have a whole list of awesomes next time.

Till then,


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