You’re Just Not My Type

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That’s precisely what you should be saying to your skin if you consider yourself to have any other skin type besides ‘normal’.

Before we begin, lets narrow down the real skin types so you can identify yourself and ultimately find the best products to get your skin back to happy.

Dry Skin
Often mistaken for ‘normal’ skin because there may not be any obvious imperfections. Identified by dullness and flaking.

Combination Dry Skin
Sometimes known to go hand in hand with what we’ll call a ‘ruddy’ complexion, almost always known as dehydration. The skin feels tight, breakouts are common and the skin tends to develop recurring oily patches. Naturally, we try to control these because ‘oil is bad’, while the skin continues to be stripped of its natural moisture barrier.

Normal Skin
This is where YOU want to be! Perfectly balanced with a glowing complexion. Ideally you’ve shrunken your routine down to a minimal product regime, more on that next time. Never to be achieved by a beauty blogger because we just can’t help experimenting with one more new thing in our regime.

Combination Oily Skin
Notorious for T-zone oil, this is the skin type I come across the most. Often caused by overzealous cleansing, unnecessary acne products, or no products at all (I’m talking to you hand soap and water users, should you stumble across my blog). You battle shine on either your forehead and nose, or your chin and jaw line. You’ve probably assumed yourself to have oily skin, especially if your cheeks tend to break out even though they don’t get the same oil-slick feeling as the rest of your face. Nothing ever seems to work, so you cleanse/exfoliate harder.

Oily Skin
Caused less by environment, which can plague dry skin. Often either hereditary or caused by severe stripping of the skin through inappropriate products. While you might  spend less on anti-aging throughout the years, you’ll be shelling out for blotting papers and mattifying makeup. Good luck with that. One of the only skin types that can handle though not necessarily benefit from acne products. Your face is shiny and may feel dirty. Please don’t take this to mean you need the strongest foaming cleanser you can find.

So this is my bone to pick with the majority of skin care and makeup brands. They insist on labeling product based on what the consumer wants it to do, vs. how it should actually perform.

  • Why is there such a huge array of products aimed at people with oily skin, and almost every single one of them promises to give you that squeaky clean feeling, intense exfoliation, or acne ‘zapping’?
  • Why are we so hung up on the idea that nothing but a foaming cleanser can get our faces truly clean?
  • Why don’t heavy creams for dry skin have a glaring message on the package asking ‘when was the last time  you exfoliated?’ …Well. Because that’s my job I suppose.

So when was the last time you exfoliated? Never? 5 times last week? Everything is best in moderation.
I can’t tell you how many times I come across people who lack control over their skin because they are either over, or under ‘processing’ it.  Don’t even get me started on cleanser+scrub in one products.

So what am I supposed to do now?

Most products still have the main three designations: Oily, Combination, and Dry.

If you’re shopping on your own, some good rules of thumb are:

  • If you think you have oily skin, drop down to the combination line.
  • If you think you have dry skin, consider how you prep your skin first. Does your skin feel tight after you cleanse? Have you used some type of exfoliant lately? Make sure your skin can absorb what you’re putting on it. If it can’t, consider why before you buy.

In a nutshell, if you decide to seek help from a beauty advisor they should be asking you EVERYTHING to determine what your real skin type is.  Otherwise, find someone else who will. If we ask you what you currently use, don’t be embarrassed or suspicious because the more we know, the better we can narrow down what you really need, instead of selling you anything redundant to your routine.

Questions? Comment! Want less 706 word posts? Sorry…Comment!


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