Bright Eyes, Cool City

Estee Lauder Cooling Eye Illuminator

I’m lazy. There. I said it. As much as I love my makeup collection, and pause near mirrors way too much when I’m all done up, when it comes right down to it, some things I just don’t care enough to ‘fix’. Much like my feelings towards foundation primers, I tend to wonder who really notices?

We all have dark circles. Sometimes hereditary, sometimes from bad sleeping or eating habits. Mine are most likely from all three. While I don’t resemble the living dead, they’re not subtle. And so, my eye care routine generally involves: remove makeup, moisturize to ward off those dehydration lines waiting to rear their ugly heads as wrinkles. Like I said…who really notices?…ahem. But that’s beside the point.

And then, Estee Lauder ruined my life and released yet another thing I’m obligated by obsession to try. Cut me some slack – they only have so much skin care that’s not anti-aging, and that said, they’ll probably never re-create the cult status of their Advanced Night Repair, but this little gem really is something.

Have you ever seen your eyes, with no dark circles? At all? Not even a shadow? It’s WEIRD. Weird as in how have I gone my whole life neglecting the possibility of adding another product to my stash? And again…the mirror thing.

The product itself is fairly basic, which is the best gift you can give your peepers. We tend to go for the most kick ass, heavy anti-aging cream at the slightest  hint of a wrinkle which often causes so many other problems. Let me tell you, those tiny little milia? Can take months to reabsorb. It’s not fun. More on that later.

It’s pretty. Really. Because it comes in two colors, it doesn’t give you that strange deer in the headlights (literally) glow where your whole eye area is whiter than your face. It has a subtle glow that might look like shimmer in the tube, but doesn’t look sparkly once its blended. It also jumps on the bandwagon of fancy applicators made of special metals, or in this case ceramic which hold their cold temperature and feel lovely on the eye. If your only concern is puffiness though, I’ll always suggest cold spoons or cucumber slices – they work about the same way. Otherwise, it’s a cool little treat for your eyes. My favorite thing about the Idealist Eye however, is the fact that you don’t have to worry about wearing foundation with it. So many concealers still have the texture of a heavy foundation, which I had always thought was the only effective way to brighten my circles, and between the blending, and remembering to wear it under my foundation, it just never happened.

Much like the oh-so-accurate text (See the #7 Beauty Myth) on the back of most products, the instructions say to “Massage the cooling ceramic applicator around the eye area. AM and PM.” Fine. But when I’m done massaging in the product, my eye might feel great, but coverage wise? Not so much. The product just seems to get pushed around, so you do need to go in with your ring finger, smooth it out and pat it in for optimal dark circle coverage. At night I’ll worry about the cooling massage and let the treatment do its work while I sleep and it doesn’t have to look flawless.

As usual with Estee, I haven’t found anything that can quite hold a candle to the products they make that I’ve liked and after about 3 weeks straight of applying it day and night, my circles have indeed faded underneath the color coverage. So I’ll dutifully dab away, if only to have an excuse to check out my reflection in windows more while walking through the city.

Ha. I’m not that bad, I promise. I just ran out of witty endings.



2 thoughts on “Bright Eyes, Cool City

  1. I love your writing style Alexandra.. your posts are always so much fun to read!! I can relate to the dark circle issues (as well as the pausing in front of mirrors). I have always struggled with the under eye circles…it’s hereditary for me and I’ve tried numerous things to get rid of those little suckers. I’m getting closer to finding my “holy grail” concealer..but not quite there yet. I know they will not be improving as we age but at least we can try with all of these fun products right? I’ll have to give this Estee Lauder Cooling Eye Illuminator a shot!


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