Love Note No. 4

Brighter By Nature SPF 30 Skin Tone Correcting Makeup. Phew!

It’s official. I’m in love. And it’s everything it’s not supposed to be.

It’s a powder. It’s not overpriced. No, I’m not getting into a debate on that one. It’s not chock full of chemicals. Oh yeah, and it’s a powder. I know, I already said that but you see, I’ve spent the majority of my time as a beauty junkie giving face powder the stink eye. And natural ingredients? Well obviously it can’t compete with my beloved Estee Lauder, or Clarins.

I am a die hard synthetic girl. I mean, synthetic = technology right? And of course I’m willing to pay for that. Over the past few months however, I’ve had cause to eat my words or rather, my products, with Origins. Kidding. They’re not THAT natural. Please don’t taste them.

You’ve already seen me recommend a loose powder in my 5 minute makeup collection, but as implied by the 5 minute part I’m not usually concerned about looking stunning and flawless – only less like I just rolled out of bed. Even the best powders I’ve tried have always looked a little, well…dull. They make me look dry, cakey, and they don’t offer nearly enough coverage.

Natural makeup in particular, I’ve always found is notorious for being sub par in performance – they like to use ingredients like talc which makes everything chalky and less pigmented or shea butter which makes lipsticks more like chapsticks. The idea of a mineral powder is great, but whats the point if you can still see through it? I haven’t been oily since I was 15, so there’s no need to hide shine either.

And then there was Origins. I had already been using the Brighter By Nature line quite happily to help with acne scarring, and I’m a big fan of ‘light diffusing pigments’ so with quite a bit of trepidation, I bit my tongue and sat down in the chair to try the matching powder they had just released.

At first, I was nonplussed. Good coverage, but still a little flat, and it still FELT like a powder. I don’t like to feel things on my skin. Ten minutes passed, and I forgot I was wearing something new until I looked in the mirror. And let me tell you, I GLOWED. The powdery look and feel had completely disappeared, and I looked like I was wearing liquid foundation. Except that it took half the time to apply, and came out of a compact.

While the makeup isn’t literally ‘skin tone perfecting’, it does a beautiful job of delivering temporarily flawless skin while my other Brighter by Nature products work their magic underneath it. Naturally, I’ll never be a one foundation kind of girl, but if you need something quick, that makes your skin look like porcelain, I swear, ALL day, go jump in that Origins chair!

This is good for almost all skin types, unless you’re obscenely dry. In which case, you should probably read this.


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