Break It Down

'And for our fifth layer...'

Lately I’ve been feeling a little bit discouraged. For every one customer that gets excited about product and learning how to take care of their skin most effectively, there are ten who ask me why their foundation just sits on their skin looking terrible…and then proceed to tell me that they use Dove body soap to wash their face.

‘Does my cleanser really matter?’

‘Can I just buy a moisture mask to help?’

‘Yes, but, my foundation looks terrible. Why is that?’

Alright. I’m getting into rant territory here. Sometimes, there are just too many questions, and too many products. As a beauty junkie, I realized the other day how much we sometimes forget what it’s like to know nothing.

Think back- if you can. Walking into a cosmetics department surrounded by shiny counters and equally glossy beauty advisors stalking the aisles, bottles in hand.

Your skin has been a little uncomfortable lately, a few breakouts, definately not looking its best though you can’t put your finger on the reason.
Running through your mind:

Which counter do I pick?
What do I even ask?
What if they get me in their chair? I don’t want to buy 10 different products for one problem.
How do I know they have my interests at heart, and not their sales plan?

So basically, terror. Even my chest felt tight as I remembered. In my case though, I had an early start in retail – cosmetics was that sparkly land past Ladieswear with all the loud pretty girls who eyed us warily as we cut through their department. Oh the perceptions of a 15 year old.

Sometimes when I’m talking to a customer, and trying to answer her questions with some semblance of detail, order and clarity I realize just how much information is coming out of my mouth. And how there’s not a chance in hell she’s going to understand, let alone retain, any of it when she leaves my counter. (Or when I stop for breath – whichever comes first. Kidding.)

So I’ll stop myself, and offer to book her in for a free facial so she can sit down, relax, and have a chance at retaining anything I’ve said.

But what about those customers who don’t have time for that? Or are entirely new to caring for their skin, and haven’t thought past their next bar of body soap, but really want to change? And so, I had to come back. Stat.

I might not be able to reach every person I meet, but I can hope that some of them will accidentally stumble across my little blog via a search engine, be able to browse at their leisure, and have some idea of whats happening on their face, without heart palpitations at being “got” by a beauty advisor.

So expect a collection of short and sweet skin care and beauty posts to come, in addition to some other goodies. I’ll try not to repeat what you’ve already read and instead dig into the true basics.

Maybe I’ll be able to make a small dent in that 1:10 ratio, and get a few people more confident and excited about the industry I love!

Till then,


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