You know…the year in which I get over my guilt of not posting since early 2012, and apologize profusely like every blogging tip list tells you NOT to do. Whoops. Here goes.

It’s almost officially been a year since my last legitimate post. The ironic thing is, I get beyond annoyed when my favorite blogs go silent for a week, let alone a year…how dare they have holidays! But in all seriousness, this post has been a long time coming. I can’t count how many times I’ve opened my blog folder on Evernote and tried for the millionth time to come up with some kind of structure that allows me to post about all the things I love without creating a directionless mess. But lets be honest…my interests basically are a hodgepodge of unrelated things that all together bear the dreaded cliche of ‘lifestyle blog’. No offense to those who run successful ones, and I enjoy them immensely. But me? Do I have a lifestyle that anybody cares about?

The truth is…I can’t ask that. If I dare continue to voice that question, i’ll likely never write another word. And oh would I miss it. So to my readers who may still be receiving post notifications…thank you, and bear with me!



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