That's me.

Well Hello!
I see you’ve found my little blog. If you’re reading this you’re probably one of two people: either somebody who was told several months ago that I was going to eventually start a blog and after excessive conversations beginning with “You HAVE to try _____” you’re here to see it in writing. Or you’ve stumbled across this post by accident and might just like what you see (little though it may be) so far. If so, Hi! My name’s Alexandra. In regards to liking what you see, if you believe that the right lipstick color can transform your day, that architectural blueprints are considered art, and have a budding sense of adventure in fashion, we can be friends. Though that middle one might be asking a little too much… Regardless, that’s also a good description of what I hope to bring you here, so sit back, grab your cup of tea and enjoy!


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